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Sometimes problems around the home are like needing to look up a word in the dictionary and your not even sure what letter the word starts with. Ask A Handyman web site is one place to start. We'll give you lots of other places to look, but this site simply exists to throw out a question... and hopefully get some valuable feedback.

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Answers are provided, free, by individuals on the net who take the time to read your questions and offer advice (see Handy Bios). These people are mostly proffessionals in the field and/or hobbiest. Some answers are better than others, but in our 8 year history on the net we have seen very few answers offering bad advice.

Before starting any project of any size it is always wise to check with more than one source before commiting time and resources. In many cases there is some danger envolved in the process. When answering we always will attempt provide a complete answer including safety precautions... but as is standard in today's society we must add:

"The operators/owners/participants/designers/users of this web site can not be held responsible for bad advice!"

That said, any time you work with electricity, fuels and fuel delivery systems, really big heavy stuff, power tools, ladders, lawn mowers, pocket knifes, plastic bags, tree branches, high places, or just about anything else one could imagine... there is always some danger. Sometimes there is a LOT of danger. ALWAYS work safe and understand what you are doing before starting! If you don't understand the potential danger and risk of any undertaking, you are putting life and limb at risk.

Work Smart.. Work SAFE!


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